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​​ We vaccinate at ALL locations with and without an appointment:

  • adults over 30  J. with Moderna

  • Children and adults (12-29 years) against the STIKO recommendation with Moderna on special request

  • Children (only 5-11 years) with BioNTech (child vaccine)

  • BioNTech for adults ONLY WITH appointment booking

Please refrain from calls and emails of any kind!!!! Would you like detailed and individual vaccination advice? Then you are welcome to come to our open vaccination appointments and get expert advice

Due to careful planning, you do not have to plan for waiting times at the various locations of the Hamburg City vaccination center.


What should I bring?​​

  1. Identity card and vaccination card

  2. Questionnaire about the person

  3. Information sheet  (printed out, filled in completely and signed)

Which vaccine is given?

Currently only the m-RNA vaccine from Moderna is used as a booster or primary immunization. Appointments with Biontech for adults cannot currently be booked. The children's vaccine from Biontech is used for children's vaccinations (under 12 years of age).

Further information on the recommendations of the standing vaccination commission can be found here:

RKI - Vaccinations A - Z - STIKO recommendation for COVID-19 vaccination

What are the risks of vaccination?

For that please  STIKO leaflet  Take note BEFORE the vaccination date (does not have to be printed out).

Can I get a vaccination with Moderna if I am under 30?

YES! Moderna is approved in Germany for ages 12 and over.  (and tens of millions of young people have already received it) The STIKO only RECOMMENDS the Biontech vaccine for those under 30 years of age. Why? Myocarditis occurs at Biontech with a frequency of 1/250,000 vaccinations and at Moderna with approx. 2/250,000 vaccinations. Hence the recommendation. However, it is still an extremely rare side effect, which should also occur if you are almost 30 years old. be almost the same risk as Moderna.

When is the ideal time for a booster vaccination?

The STIKO recommends a booster vaccination for everyone aged 18 and over, 3 months after the second vaccination.

Anyone who received the Johnson&Johnson vector vaccine should already  Have a second vaccination dose (e.g. with Moderna) administered 2 weeks after the first vaccination and a booster vaccination after 3 months.

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