vaccination sites

We vaccinate at several locations in Hamburg with and without an appointment. For safety and for the procurement of vaccines, it makes sense to register.  

We can all:

  • Vaccinate adults over 30 with Moderna vaccine and all

  • Children from 5-11 years with the children's vaccine from BioNTech

  • People aged 12-29 can also be vaccinated with Moderna after individual education.

Biontech for people over 12 is usually NOT available.


Wandsbeker Chaussee 2


Tel. 040 29850665

Termin buchen für:

(im Elbe-Einkaufszentrum)

Osdorfer Landstr. 131


Tel. 01782673025

Termin buchen für:

Inaktive Standorte:

Winterhuder Weg 8 22085-Hamburg

Billstr. 87 20539-Hamburg

Kegelhofstr. 39 20251-Hamburg